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You Deserve to Be Prosperous!

This article originally appeared in Chamberlink by Marcia Grimsley IF WE LOOK AROUND, WE will still see that the world is filled with people like ourselves, working hard to become financially secure. Yet, many of us are not achieving the prosperity we want. Often,...

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High Quality Life Begins with a High Quality You

This article originally appeared in Front Porch Magazine By Marcia Grimsley, BS, MS, Life Coach As a life coach, I begin my work with a client by giving them permission to make self-care a top priority. I believe that a high quality life begins with a high quality...

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Embracing Change

As we move into the Fall of the year, we are reminded of the ever changing patterns of nature’s four seasons. If we begin to closely observe these inevitable changes, we can learn from nature ways in which to handle many of the uninvited challenges that occur in our...

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A Different Kind of January Resolution!

As we begin a fresh new year, many of us make  resolutions, hoping for a happier and more satisfying life.  These resolutions usually include commitments for changing unwanted behaviors or for adopting new ones.  For most of us, adding these commitments to an already...

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Is Adrenaline Fueling You?

More and more, ADRENALINE seems to be the drug of choice among many Americans today. Advertising agencies spend billions of dollars telling us to "hurry and act now, before it's too late!" Television and radio bombard us with quick fix programming and powerful images...

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