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Meet Marcia

Marcia Grimsley, BA, MS, Professional Life Coach

My Story

It is my passion to help my clients succeed! For over 15 years I have helped people from all walks of life make their personal, relationship, health, and career goals a reality. With a unique background as a successful therapist, counselor, and healthcare business consultant, I help empower my clients to enhance their lives.

My Education

I hold a BA in Psychology from Temple University and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University. I have taken numerous post-graduate counseling and therapy courses, and trained to become a life coach in Texas.

Therapeutic Background

For many years I worked as a staff supervisor and social worker for local and state agencies in TX providing services for people who were chronically ill or faced physical challenges. I loved collaborating with healthcare providers, facilitating support groups, and individually counseling clients and their families. I helped them regain a sense of hope, well-being, and empowerment in their journeys to self-care. In 1989, I was also appointed by the Texas Governor to the Board of Directors for the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Today, I enjoy serving as a member of the Integrative Medicine Program of the Mary Washington Healthcare Regional Cancer Center.

Business Experience

In 1982, my husband and I launched a multi-doctor chiropractic clinic in Texas. For the next ten years, I became involved in a steady stream of business practice-management seminars. Thus equipped, I began my own consulting business. For eight years, I trained health care providers and their staff in strategic business management and service delivery. I subsequently consulted for clients in a wide range of prosperous businesses and organizations including entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, attorneys, and other life coaches.

Speaking and Writing

I create and facilitate empowerment living workshops and seminars and am available for public speaking engagements.
I have written life coaching articles and have been featured or quoted in Fredericksburg area’s Front Porch Magazine, Holistic Healing Magazine, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Freelance Star.

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