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A Defining Moment

I so clearly remember my physician sitting with me in his NYC office. He was delivering a heart wrenching message. Yes, there was surgery that could possibly restore my sight, but it could be dangerous. He cautioned that I could lose total sight from one or both of my eyes.

I never thought anything could be worse than the agony of that year. A year that had been spent living in a dark and shadowy world. I was wrong. This was worse. The fearful decision to proceed with a risky surgery was mine to make. For me, it became a defining moment.

I believe that my future held promise and purpose. I was 24 years old, and had dreams of law school, which would require extensive reading ability. So, how could this be happening to me! I slowly came to understand that it was up to me to accept my present circumstances, while continuing to hope for the full return of my sight.

Eventually, some of my sight was restored. My dreams of law school were not able to be realized. Therefore, my career choice took me in another direction. This frightening experience showed me new possibilities within myself and forced me to look at life with my inner vision.

Adjusting to the Reality of the Present

Instead of trying to control life, I have learned to adjust to the reality of the present moment. I now ask, what is this moment teaching me, and how can I live meaningfully in it? Maintaining a flexible attitude is a powerful key. Future goal setting is always valuable. However, accepting the present, instead of living at cross currents with it, allows us to be responsive to inner guidance. As my life propelled me into a new direction, I was able to find joy and passion in a new career that did not require normal vision.

Right now, so many changes are occurring that seem to be reshuffling our lives. Many experts are advising that we adjust quickly, because this is our “new normal.” Flexibility and creative thinking are being called for. We are experiencing the converging of a pandemic, climate change, and social upheaval, as well as political chaos. This is certain to feel overwhelming for most of us.

Choosing Creativity

So, what can be done? I have observed that the human spirit is miraculous. We can choose to reach into ourselves and pull forth that which is creative, compassionate, and courageous. We can decide who we want to be going forward, not perfect by any means, but proud of the vision we choose to embrace for ourselves.

As my eyesight diminished I was forced to adjust to a new normal. Adjustment to change defined my life, and creativity became my most valuable tool. We should always remember that inner guidance and creativity is available to each person in every situation.

“Regardless of the limitations now showing themselves, you can decide to create the greatest vision of yourself!”– Neale Donald Walsh


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