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You can read the first installment in my Stepping Away from Fear During Covid-19 and Beyond series right here!

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”
– Abraham Lincoln


Pay attention to your mind! Before you can dispel your frightening thoughts, it’s important to become acutely aware of when and how they are showing up. Watch them come and go like waves on an ocean. Get curious about them. What causes fear to raise its voice inside you? How is your belief system contributing to the fear? Is your thinking factually based? Next, continue with deeper questions. Is your present fear related to a past experience still holding you hostage?

If you want or need support through this process, reach out to a trusted friend, a therapist, life coach, or spiritual professional. They can be very helpful and comforting as you work through your fears. Notice that in this moment of fear you are surviving! Notice that you have been surviving all along, despite your fears!


Resisting the present reality can be a futile waste of our energy and can trigger feelings of hopelessness, loss and disempowerment. Try to recognize what cannot be changed right now and begin to refocus your attention on what changes you can influence. Put your energy (thoughts and actions) on this. Use creative thinking to effectively alter that which you can transcend.

Accepting life with grace brings us peace of mind. Learn how to face and accept uncomfortable feelings. Do not judge or assign guilt to these feelings, for they are simply being created from your thoughts and beliefs. Remember, when we change our thinking, our feelings will change as well. This will take working with yourself and accepting yourself. However, you are worth the effort.


Start by realizing that limited thinking that can contribute to your suffering. This thinking often convinces us that happiness or peace of mind can only result if people, situations, or events change. Frustration, anxiety, or fear may follow. For example: Many of us are experiencing these feelings right now with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are telling ourselves that these feelings will disappear when our normal life resumes. In truth most of us were never at peace or really content before Covid-19.

“Normal times are only a mental concept, never a reality.”
– Mark Twain

During times of change or loss, accompanying feelings should be accepted and honored. They can take time to heal. However, then we can begin to shift into what Dr. Wayne Dyer terms “Possibility Thinking.” He teaches us that fear and emotional pain come from continuing to hold onto what is no longer our reality now.

Becoming grateful for whom we still are and what we still can be is a healing balm available to each of us. It is helpful to begin by feeling grateful for the freedom to choose our thoughts and feelings and to create our own inner vision ever moment.

Wait, there’s more! Make sure to look for the final section of this three part blog post, STEPPING AWAY FROM FEAR next Wednesday.