Where are you right now?

Do you know you are not your past?

Where are you struggling in your life? Is life stressful or demanding? Do you feel stuck or like giving up? You can do something to make a change. You can transform any area of your life, achieve your goals, and start living your best life.

Improve the Overall Quality of Your Life

Life Advancement Coaching is an action-oriented support system. Coaching places the focus on your current life and the future you wish to create for yourself. Advancement Coaching will facilitate change in your life!

A Personal Life Advancement Coach is a partner, who works with you individually, and provides the insight, expertise and resources needed to achieve your goals.

The coaching relationship is based on the belief that each client has the inner wisdom and the capability to take charge of their own life.

Advancement Coaching enables you to set personal and business goals that are attainable through carefully planned and executed behavior.

Advancement Coaching can help you overcome obstacles that stand in the way of having the life you deserve.

Marcia Grimsley, BA MS
Life Advancement Coach
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Face to Face or Long Distance Coaching by Phone

Please consider Life Advancement Coaching, a holistic approach to teaching joyful, successful, and abundant living.  It is truly  medicine for the soul.  Everyone can benefit!  Clientele may choose to receive coaching services in  person with Marcia or by  telephone.  Phone coaching works well for clients living outside Fredericksburg,VA.

Life Advancement Coach, Marcia Grimsley, will create an understanding and safe environment, where you can work on desired goals and experience personal growth.  Upon contacting her, Marcia will suggest an initial 15-20 minute complementary interview.  This gives a client the opportunity to meet her, feel comfortable with her, and make certain this  process is a good fit for them. She will be interested in what inspired you to contact her, and what is it you hope to receive from life coaching.  If you choose to work with her, Marcia will help you clarify your specific goals and recommend a personal  program to help you achieve them.

Marcia will serve as a guide, teacher, mentor, and partner supporting you in living the life you want!


Life Advancement Coaching to benefit you:

  • Support through life transitions and emotional crisis
  • Counseling for relationship challenges, including couples coaching
  • Integrating thoughts and emotions to support physical healing
  • Attainment of Professional and work-related goals
  • Enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-care
  • Learn lifestyle management skills for successful living
  • To learn life management skills that can foster successful living


Most people know what they want in  life and tell themselves they deserve to have it.  But, so many people do not feel worthy enough inside. Heal this, and your life can hold endless possibilities for  happiness!